Best Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair India 2021 [Top 3]

Topic: Best Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair India 2021 [Top 3]

Are you looking for a budget gaming chair online to play games on PC or looking for a gaming chair to work comfortably at the table in the office or at home?

This article will introduce you with the Top 3 Best Comfortable Budget Gaming Chairs in 2021 India if your answer is Yes.

As its name implies that gaming chair is most preferable for using in gaming purposes which means gaming chairs are built for giving you comfort only but a Standard office chair can’t give that comfort.

Nowadays most of IT Professionals and Youtubers are also preferred to use a gaming chair for their works.

Best Budget gaming chair India 2021

Since we have to sit in a reclining chair in this case, back pain is very normal, so we need to do some exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair.

Tips: Don’t sit for a long time on the chair. Take a break every hour and walk for some time to circulate the blood flow in your body properly. If you feel back pain while sitting on a chair for a long time, then you can do some exercise like in CAT Pose, COW Pose, Seated Eagle Pose, Figure 4, Seated Twist Pose, Forward Bend Pose (Note: Hold each pose for 20 seconds).

Back Pain reliever exercise poses
– Back Pain reliever exercise poses

Those working from home, professional persons, students, gamers; they feel the back problem, neck problem while sitting on the chair for a longer period of time. This is a widespread problem for all those who spend most of the time in a chair or a couch. We also feel that too.

That’s why, when you are selecting the best comfortable budget gaming chair in India, you must look at some points while purchasing. Keeping in mind that a gaming chair can be replaced to your standard office/study chair but an ordinary office/study chair can’t take place of a gaming chair.

What should you look for when buying a Comfortable Gaming Chair in India?

In this buying guide, we discuss with you that What you should look before buying a Comfortable Gaming Chair in India. Gaming chairs are mostly used by gamers or gaming professionals. But you can use this for your study or office work also. Because gaming chairs are built for giving comfort in back pain and maintain the body postures correctly while working on the gaming chair. Let’s see below how you can choose the best comfortable budget gaming chair in India.

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1. Posture Support:

A normal chair can not support the posture of a body scientifically. But the gaming chair made for giving you good support for your spine and developing your posture better than a normal chair. For a long time of working, you need a better gaming chair which keeps your spine straight while sitting on a gaming chair and not feeling any back pain. To get better posture support, it is important to check the below points before buying a comfortable gaming chair.

i. Neck Pillow: 

Neck pillow in a gaming chair

It is important to have a Neck Pillow in a comfortable gaming chair which supports your s-shaped neck from feeling pain during long-time working and keep your head straight at the time of working. Must check this point before purchasing a gaming chair.

ii. Lumbar Pillow:

Lumbar Pillow in a Gaming chair

Lumbar pillow/ cushion supports your lower back where from the back pain starts. So need a Lumbar pillow to release your back from waist fatigue. This is also an essential point to have the lumbar pillow while purchasing a gaming chair for home or office.

2. Height Adjustable feature:

As all know, every human being’s height is not the same, and all the table’s height is not the same, so a standard height chair is not perfect for all types of modern table. So that, when you select a gaming chair, there should be available a height-adjustable feature, and armrest adjustment features. Check this point before buying a comfortable gaming chair.

i. Armrests adjustment:

This feature helps you adjust the hands’ position according to your preference which gives you comfort when working on a gaming chair. If your arm and table tabletop height is at the same level, then your arm feels free to work and not feeling any pain while working on a laptop or desktop’s keyboard.

The armrest of gaming chair can be adjusted in a three ways such as 2D (can be adjusted up and down), 3D (can be adjusted in forward, backward & side to side), and 4D (can be adjusted in diagonally). Check this point before purchasing a comfortable gaming chair.

3. Reclining Mechanism:

The process of locking the gaming chair at an angle of 90 degrees to 180 degrees or more (depending on the manufacturer) is called the reclining mechanism. The 90-degree angle is good for your backrest, which keeps your spine straight at this angle. But not for a long time if you have a back problem already, sometimes you need to adjust the angle to 120 degrees if you read any books or adjust the angle to 180 degrees if you want to take a rest.

4. Material:

Check the body material and seating material before buying a comfortable gaming chair; based on the material, the gaming chair’s durability depends. Normally the body of a gaming chair is made from Metal but the seating material can be made of various materials like- Leather, Faux Leather, PU Leather, etc. (better to choose “Leather” for seating material of a gaming chair). But depending on your budget, you can choose other material also.

5. Weight Carrying Capacity:

Various gaming chairs come with different body-weight carrying capacity. Hence, depending on your body weight, you would choose the gaming chair. This is also an important point to choose the gaming chair for your home or office.

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The above-mentioned points should be followed when buying a Comfortable Gaming Chair; we also followed those points while choosing gaming chairs in India for you. Now let’s go to the in-depth review of the Top 3 Best Budget Gaming Chair India 2021.

Detailed Reviews of Top 3 Best Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair India 2021

Still, if you doubt in your mind, what is the most comfortable chair for gaming? In these detailed reviews, your doubt will be fully cleared and able to find the best comfortable and budget gaming chair in India easily.

1. CELLBELL® GC01- Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a gaming chair under 15000 rupees, then this Cellbell GC01 would be the best comfortable budget gaming chair to buy online in India for you. Cellbell GC01 is a part of the Transformer series gaming chair. The large seating area of Cellbell’s gaming chair gives you more comfortness in sitting and is helpful for longtime working. This gaming chair can be locked at four different angles – 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees. The frame of this gaming chair is made of metal, and the inner material of the seat is made of moulded foam.

Editor's Choice

| Features of Cellbell GC01 Gaming Chair:

  • Cellbell GC01 Gaming Chair comes in standard size
  • Available in 3 different colours
  • It made with highly durable PU leather
  • Comes with removal Headrest with height adjustment
  • Reclining backrest from 90° to 180°
  • Ergonomic designed Armrest with Adjustable height to 7 Cm
  • The lumbar cushion can be adjustable according to preference
  • Gaming chair have swivels 360 degrees for multitasking convenience
  • Its durable casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility
  • Seat height adjustment for multitasking convenience
  • The dimension of this gaming chair is (LxWxH) 22 x 29 x 51-54 inches
  • Cellbell GC01 gaming chair can take load up to 120kg
  • Get a 1-year warranty on this gaming chair

  • Modern & Comfortable Gaming Chair
  • Ideal for back pain suffered persons
  • Budget gaming chair for Office use
  • Very Sturdy gaming chair
  • Best Budget gaming chair under 15ooo rupees
  • Seating material not made of Leather

2. Casinokart CarbonXpro- Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair

Second, on our list is Casinokart CarbonXpro Mystic Series Gaming Chair. If you are looking for a gaming chair under 15000, this Casinokart CarbonXpro would be the best comfortable budget gaming chair to buy online in India. This gaming chair comes with an extra higher backrest to save the neck and spinal. Now you can work or play games sitting in a straight position with great head support. The frame of this gaming chair is made of metal which is sturdy and durable.

Value For money

| Features of Casinokart CaronXpro Gaming Chair:

  • Black coloured Standard sized gaming chair
  • Adjust seat height effortlessly with 85mm
  • Headrest and Lumbar Pillow made of Oversized Memory Foam
  • The body of this gaming chair covered with the (PU) Polyurethane Leather
  • Adjustable Armrest made of Aluminium Aloy
  • Backrest and seat padding with foam
  • The frame of this gaming chair build up with the integrated metal frame
  • Adjust the backrest position from 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • It can take weight up to 100kgs
  • 3 years warranty comes with this gaming chair

3. Green Soul® Monster Ultimate (S)- Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair

Green Soul Gaming chair is a Multi-Functional Ergonomic gaming chair in India. It is the most used and recommended gaming chair by many professionals in India. This Monster Ultimate (S) gaming chair is the Latest Version of the Monster Series Ergonomic Chair of Green Soul. This newer version of monster series gives you utmost comfort and great features than Monster and Monster Pro series. You can consider this Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) being the best comfortable budget gaming chair in India 2021.

Best Overall

| Features of Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Gaming Chair:

  • The Inner frame and base of this gaming chair is made of Heavy-duty metal
  • BIFMA certified Class 4 Hydraulic used to adjust the height
  • Height can be adjusted from 5ft 2inch to 5ft 10inch
  • 60 mm Dual Caster Wheels gives more grip on the floor
  • 360-degree Swivel for multitasking convenience
  • Adjustable Backrest Angle from 90-180 Degrees
  • Neck Pillow and Lumbar Pillow is made of Velour Material
  • Seat made of Moulded Foam
  • Breathable cool Spandex Fabric used in this gaming chair
  • Carbon textured 4D Armrest made of PU Carbon Texture
  • The premium soft fabric allows air-flow that provides a cool and comfortable sitting position
  • Keeps the air flowing on your back for enhanced air circulation
  • Spandex Fabric and PU Leather material used in the Upholstery
  • The dimension of this gaming chair is (LxWxH) 50 x 71 x 133 cm
  • It can take up to 135 kgs of weight
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Comes with 3 Years warranty

  • Ideal for Neck, Head, Back, Thighs & Knees, Shoulders & Arms
  • Sturdy Gaming chair
  • Best budget gaming chair for Office Use also
  • Armrest adjustable in 4 dimensions
  • Flat and Spacious seat allows you to sit cross-legged
  • Overall Best gaming chair under 15000 rupees
  • Durability is not great in this price range
  • Assemble of this gaming chair by DIY
  • No return policy after delivery
  • After sell service is not great

Our Personal Opinion

In conclusion, we are reminding you that the gaming chairs mentioned in this article are PC gaming chairs. There are also three types of gaming chairs available such as Platform Gaming Chair, Hybrid Gaming Chair, Bean Bag Gaming Chair. If you don’t know about those types of gaming chairs, then you can take this as a note or reference because it also helps you to buy perfect gaming chairs in India.

All the gaming chairs are manufactured to give you ease and keep your Neck, Lumbar, and Spine straight and feel less fatigue by adjusting the backrest.

If you would like to take our opinion, we suggest you go with the CELLELL GC01 ergonomic gaming chair that looks good in all areas like durability, and all the mechanism. This would be the best comfortable budget gaming chair in 2021.

If we overlooked any information regarding the Best Comfortable Budget Gaming Chair India 2021, you could leave your remarks by contacting us.

If you have any query regarding any product, you can also raise your question on our Support Forum Page.

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