5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking 2021

Topic: 5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking 2021

Best exhaust fan in kitchen for Indian cooking

If you are looking for the best exhaust fan to buy online in India, then your hunt ends here. In this article, you can find the Top 5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking in 2021.

We observe that Indian Homes and Kitchens are very congested nowadays. So when you are cooking in the kitchen, it is impossible to pass the air from the home and kitchen.

Also, in Indian cooking, they use oil almost in every dish. So when you are frying something or making dishes for your members, your kitchen is converted into a gas chamber, which is bad for your health and your home also.

IIn that case, there are two options to protect your home and kitchen, you need a Kitchen chimney that middle-class family cannot afford generally. Still, another way is to use the very affordable Exhaust Fan.

What does Exhaust Fan mean?

A fan is used to attach the blade to the motor, which helps to remove odours, fumes and gas from the inside area and facilitates ventilation inside the space.

What is an exhaust fan for?

An exhaust fan is used to pull out excess moisture and unwanted odours from a particular room or area of the home that are usually created when showering or cooking, which is found in bathrooms and kitchens. Also, it vents out the harmful contaminants and other chemical fumes from the area which can dangerous when breathed in, and maintain the fresh air inside.

Do you face the same problem that our homemakers face in the kitchen? If you agree with us,

Then you need to install an exhaust fan in your kitchen. The exhaust fan not only cools down the area but also get rid of the mould and mildew which formed in the house.

For the convenience of your search, we have attached for you 5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking. This can help you to decide to buy the right exhaust fan online for your home, kitchen, and bathroom also. You can also review our quick buying guide at the end of this article.

List of 5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking

Exhaust Fan BrandBlade SizeSpeedWarrantyPrice
Crompton Drift Air Plus Exhaust Fan8 inch1370 RPM2 YearsCheck on Amazon
Bajaj Bahar Exhaust Fan8 inch1400 RPM2 YearsCheck on Amazon
Luminous Vento Deluxe Fresh Air Exhaust Fan8 inch1350 RPM2 YearsCheck on Amazon
USHA Aeroclean Exhaust Fan12 inch1325 RPM2 YearsCheck on Amazon
iBELL VF250W Exhaust Fan10 inch1300 RPM1+2 YearsCheck on Amazon

Reviews of 5 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans To Buy Online In India 2021

Now we reviewed all the top 5 exhaust fans for the kitchen window in India below. Here we took these exhaust fans according to their Blade Size, Speed, Blade material, air delivery, etc. So if you want to get rid of oil and gas that are made from cooking, and other contaminants, then you can consider it to be our Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking.

1. Crompton Drift Air Plus Kitchen/ Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan | Buy Now

Image Product Details  
Recommended Recommended Crompton Drift Air Plus Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan Crompton Drift Air Plus Exhaust Fan
  • Power: 38 Watts
  • Speed: 1370 RPM
  • Warranty: 2 years
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First on our list is the very fastest-growing company- Crompton. Their one of the best exhaust fan model is Crompton Drift Air Plus in the 8-inch model range.

The body and the blades of this Crompton Drift Air Plus are made of metal. So it is very sturdy for long term use. It has a metal bird screen that protects from birds and foreign matter from outside.

This Crompton Drift Air Plus comes with a powerful air suction capacity, and its air delivery is 210 Cubic Meter per Minute with its 3 powerful blades.

| Features of Crompton Drift Air Plus

  • Strong 8-inch (225 mm) blade sweep Exhaust fan;
  • Motor speed is 1370 RPM;
  • Copper winding & double ball bearing motor;
  • Air delivery is 800 cu.mtr/hr.;
  • Dimensions is 31.6 cm L x 31.6 cm W x 19 cm H;
  • Input power consumption is 38 Watts;
  • Weight is 2.57 Kg;
  • Connecting plug comes with 2 pins;
  • Available in Silver Color;
  • Provides 2 years warranty on the product.
  • Ideal for Kitchen and Bathroom window
  • Powerful ventilating fan
  • Sturdy metal body with Metal blades
  • Not so heavy
  • Easy to install
  • Not operates in both sides
  • Speed is bit slow

2. Bajaj Bahar Kitchen/Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan | Buy Now

Image Product Details  
Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Bajaj Bahar Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan Bajaj Bahar Exhaust Fan
  • Power: 42 Watts
  • Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Second, on our list is Bajaj Electricals which is a very well-known and old company and one of the leading Consumer Products and EPC companies in India. Bajaj Bahar was made with a metal body and came with 3 blades with a sweep size of 225 mm.

This Bajaj Bahar has a powerful 1400 RPM motor speed which delivers high air delivery with a rate of 600 CMH. Its rust-proof metal body provides longevity and managing an unobstructed performance.

The Bajaj Bahar exhaust fan works at a low voltage, and it also saves energy. This lightweight exhaust fan can easily mount on the glass surface also.

| Features of Bajaj Bahar

  • 10-inch sweep size high-speed exhaust fan;
  • Copper winding motor;
  • The power consumption rate is 42 Watts.;
  • The powder-coated metal body;
  • The weight of this exhaust fan is 2.58 Kg.;
  • Dimensions is 24.6 cm L x 12.4 cm W x 14.8 cm H;
  • Available in Black Colour;
  • 2 years Warranty on the product.
  • Ideal for Kitchen and Bathroom window
  • Strong metal body
  • High Air Delivery
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Rust Proof Body
  • Easy to mount
  • Not suitable for small room

3. Luminous Vento Deluxe Kitchen/ Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan | Buy Now

Image Product Details  
Value for Money Value for MoneyLuminous Vento Deluxe Fresh Air Luminous Vento Deluxe Fresh Air Exhaust Fan
  • Power: 35 Watts
  • Speed: 1350 RPM
  • Warranty: 2 years
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The luminous brand took third place on our list. Luminous Vento Deluxe comes in a compact design with an optimal airflow capacity by its aerodynamically designed 5 blades that remove smoke effectively and other unwanted odours.

Its stylish design that matches spaces such as the kitchen and keeps your home cool. This Luminous Vento Deluxe build with Plastic material which is very sturdy and easy to clean.

| Features of Luminous Vento Deluxe

  • 200mm wider blades comprise with powerful ventilating capacity;
  • 490 CMH High Air Delivery Output;
  • 1350 RPM powerful motor with copper winding;
  • It consumes 35 watts of power;
  • Operating Voltage is 220V – 240V;
  • Duct size is 9.44 inches x 3.42 inches x 9.44 inches;
  • The weight of this Luminous Vento is 3 Kg;
  • Dimensions of Luminous Vento Deluxe is 29.5 cm L x 29.5 cm W x 16.5 cm H;
  • Available in White Colour;
  • 2 years warranty on the product.
  • Ideal for Office Cabin, Kitchen, and Bathroom
  • Optimum performance even at low voltages
  • Higher air delivery and lower temperature rise
  • Rust-proof body
  • Includes dust protection shutters
  • Blades designed for faster speed of rotation
  • Smooth, noiseless operation
  • Easy to Install
  • Not suitable for large room

4. USHA Aeroclean Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan | Buy Now

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Runners Up Runners UpUSHA Aeroclean USHA Aeroclean Exhaust Fan
  • Power: 48 Watts
  • Speed: 1325 RPM
  • Warranty: 2 years
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USHA is also a renowned brand in India, normally people have known as USHA for their sewing machine, but now they have a lot of products available in electronics, the Exhaust fan is one of them.

USHA Aeroclean made with metal and coated with special lacquer on the blades which means dust and oil are not stick on the blades at all from now. So it is easy to clean.

Its copper wending motor runs with 1325 RPM, which provides smooth and efficient performance. The agronomical designed 300 mm wide 3 blades deliver powerful suction.

| Features of USHA Aeroclean

  • 300 mm wider blades producing high power suction capacity;
  • 1325 RPM heavy-duty motor speed;
  • Air suction capacity is 1050 m3/h;
  • USHA Aeroclean’s motor works on Bush;
  • The outer frame size is 15 inches;
  • 48 Watts Power consumption;
  • Dimensions of USHA Aeroclean is (LxWxH) 38.5 x 38.5 x 14 cm;
  • Available in Metalic Grey colour;
  • 2 years Warranty on the product.
  • Ideal for Kitchen & Godown
  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • Scratch and stain-resistant
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Robust metal blades for long life
  • High air suction performance
  • Not suitable for bathroom use
  • Create bit noise
  • Bird Guard is made of Plastic

5. iBELL VF250W Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan | Buy Now

Image Product Details  
Best Overall Best OveralliBELL VF250W Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan iBELL VF250W Exhaust Fan
  • Power: 35 Watts
  • Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Warranty: 1+2 years
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Last on our list is the iBELL Brand – which is suitable for small or medium-sized kitchen or room. This exhaust fan comes with 5 blades with a 2500 mm sweep size which effectively removes smokes and other odours with a 1300 RPM air delivery output.

Its body made with high-quality PP Plastic material, which makes it more sturdy and easy to clean, but blades are made of metal. iBELL exhaust fan is designed to keep in mind the Indian weather.

| Features of iBELL 250 mm Exhaust Fan

  • Motor speed is 1300 RMP;
  • 2.1 Kg Lightweight exhaust fan;
  • Easily withstands voltage fluctuations;
  • Duct Size is 11.5inch;
  • 35 Watts Power consumption;
  • The weight of this iBELL 10-inch exhaust fan is 2.1 Kg;
  • Available in White colour;
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty + 2 Year Additional Warranty.
  • Ideal for Home, Office, Kitchen, and Bathroom
  • Silent Motor with high output air delivery
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Lightweight Exhaust fan
  • Super motor for better suction
  • Customer service issue

What is the use of an exhaust fan?

Using an exhaust fan is beneficial for many reasons like- cool down a room (especially in the summer season during cooking or showering), remove fumes and odours (mostly creates in the bathroom) etc. from the room or a particular area at your home and comfort of residents.

An exhaust fan is used to remove smoke that condenses from hot water during a shower or cooking that creates excess moisture in a room which helps to reduce the chances of mildew and moulds.

Decreases the humidity and contaminants from the room to improve the fresh air in indoor by using the exhaust fan. It provides sufficient ventilation for those areas where the air quality-diminishing agents can build up.

How do I choose an exhaust fan for my kitchen or bathroom window?

At this point, if you still think that How do I choose an exhaust fan for my kitchen or bathroom then this buying guide is helpful for you. Before going to buy online for an exhaust fan, you must check all the below mention points which we described here.

1. Blade Size of an exhaust fan

The standard size of an exhaust fan is between 8 inches to 12 inches blade size. According to your kitchen and bathroom size, you can choose between these sizes. Our selected exhaust fans are suitable for a small and medium-size room and well fitted in all window.

2. Air Delivery Capacity of an exhaust fan

The air delivery of an exhaust fan depends upon the size of a room, like- 1 CFM (Cubic Ft. Per Minute) of airflow is required for each square foot of the kitchen and bathroom. Now you can easily calculate and choose the best exhaust fan for your kitchen/ bathroom window.

3. Blade Material of an exhaust fan

Generally, the blade of an exhaust fan made with either metal or plastic. Both are sturdy but depends on where you install the exhaust fan and suction capacity depends on the blades.

When you choose an exhaust fan for your kitchen, then you must opt for the metal blade exhaust fan which is more sturdy, but the problem is that they quickly tend to get rusted or tarnished. So need to clean once a month.

On the other hand, when choosing an exhaust fan for bathroom use, you can go for a plastic blade exhaust fan that is sturdy enough for long term use and does not corrode.

4. Power consumption of an exhaust fan

If you choose the high-speed exhaust fan for the kitchen or bathroom, then it consumes more power than the normal exhaust fan. Better if you install the exhaust fan in the commercial area where heavy work is done like- restaurants, etc. or in a godown then you can go for the high-speed exhaust fan; otherwise you can install the normal exhaust fan for domestic use which consumes less power.

How do you remove oil from the Kitchen exhaust fan?

Our Personal Review

Finally, we have come to the end of the overall complete review and the conclusion part where we presented our personal viewpoint on the kitchen window exhaust fan as well as an exhaust fan for the bathroom.

The main purpose of posting of 5 Best kitchen window exhaust fan in India is to get the best value for money product from us and saving your time to explore the plethora of options available online. Different users have different preferences and budgets; according to that, we have tried to give you the best from every single price point.

If you still not decide after reviewed our detailed list of the 5 Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking 2021 then you can go with our personal recommendation which may help best in all aspect.

It is also hard to choose from our end also. Still, according to their features, we suggest you two kitchen window exhaust fan, First is Bajaj Bahar Kitchen/Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan – From our point of view, Bajaj Bahar can be your best Kitchen exhaust fan in India. You can easily install this exhaust fan anywhere on your kitchen window and especially on the glass surface. Also, it’s a rust-proof exhaust fan.

The second is USHA Aeroclean Kitchen Exhaust Fan because it comes with dust, oil and moisture resistance. You can consider these exhaust fans as the best kitchen window exhaust fan for Indian cooking in 2021.

If we overlooked any information regarding the Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking, you could leave your remarks by contacting us.

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