Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021 | Buy Now!

  • Black Clay Pots comes in 3 different sizes pots
  • 1 Litre, 2 Litres, 3 Litres combo black clay pots for cooking
  • Clay material is used in this earthen pot
  • More sand is added in clay for a rough finish and more durable
  • Compatible with Gas Stove and Microwave
  • Deep burned black clay pot for cooking
  • Helps in neutralizing the Ph balance of the food
  • Black clay pots retain the food moisture of your cooking
  • Ideal for making Rice, Dal, Khichdi, Pongal, Curd rice, Biriyani, etc
  • Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021


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Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021

Topic: Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021

Craftsman India online Pottery Earthen Kadai/Clay Pots Combo for Cooking Pre-Seasoned (Black, 1, 2, 3 L), 32 cm
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Best Clay Pots for Cooking (Black) in India 2021

Hi! if you are looking to buy the Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021 then today we have come up with something different kitchen appliance for you. This Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots Combo is perfect for making healthy dishes for your family.

What is Clay Black Clay Pottery in India?

In today’s kitchen, people have forgotten about clay pots, and now people are leaning towards metal products for cooking. There are many reasons for doing it. Nevertheless, clay cookwares have emerged from history, and it has lots of benefits too, It should not be forgotten.

These earthen pots are made of Clay, which has many natural features that make them unique from metal. These clay pots are perforated, so these clay pots can easily retain food moisture. It also helps you to cook your food with lesser oil and fats.

How black clay pots make and How black clay pot for cooking is beneficial for you?

To make these black clay pots, they use the old traditional Pottery technique for deeply burning the clay pots. The usual red clay pots are burned once but do not come in contact with a naked flame. On the other hand, deep burned pots are burned twice, in the second time, it is burned with Wood and Hay at nearly 1200 degrees celsius. As a result, the pots are very strong and durable. Deep Burned Pots can endure any heat and can be long-lasting.

Whether Terracotta is a lousy conductor of heat, but the advantage is the amount of heat it conducts is just about perfect for cooking food without overheating. But Clay is a porous material that allows heat and moisture to circulate evenly. It helps to cook vegetables and meat evenly. Maintains moisture in the food and makes your food juicy.

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Benefits of using Clay pots for Cooking

Cooking on clay pots provides you with all of the calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur, and various other composites that help in neutralizing the Ph balance of food through the interaction with the acid present in food. So that these clay pots are beneficial for the human body. You can consider the black clay pots for cooking in India also.

Top 6 Major Disadvantages of Cooking in Clay Pots

1. Purity

Nowadays, modern pottery makers use clay from different places to make pottery, so using pottery is a big problem nowadays because that pot may contain impurities, iron oxides, and traces of metals. So the purity of the clay pot is being disturbed.

So if you are planning to buy cheap clay pots for cooking then it could be dangerous for your health. Find the best clay pot brands who are making clay posts for a long time.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning the clay pot is a big problem because clay pots are made of clay and have so many pores in them, that’s why, unlike ceramic cookware, you can’t clean clay pots easily with dishwashing soap. Because when you are cleaning the clay pot with any dishwashing soap that time it will seep into the pores during cleaning and accumulate there. As a result, when you cook anything on that clay pot after that, your food might taste like soap.

3. Crack on High Heat

High heat is a major issue for clay pots. Because in the high heat flame clay pots may break or crack at any time. So it’s important to maintaining an even temperature is very important for clay pots during cooking. Due to its fragile nature, it could be fatiguing during cooking on this type of pot. So you have to keep patience while cooking on a clay pot.

4. Quick Heat Absorbtion

Another major issue with clay pots is that this type of pot absorbs the heat very quickly, so that clay pot is quickly heated and if you Inattentively work in the kitchen and suddenly touch the pot, it may get burn your finger. This type of clay pottery cools down quickly again.

5. Change in Flavour

As you know that clay pots are porous, so if you cook some spicy flavored food in a clay pot, those spices get into the pores and stay inside them. When you go to cook another food on that clay pot, the flavor of that food may change a little bit.

6. Health Issues

Due to the cleaning problem of the unglazed clay pots, Clay pot manufacturers came up with the lead-based Glazed clay pot technique which is very harmful to the human body as the research says. Unglazed clay pots retain their natural texture and give you a traditional cooking vibe. On the other hand, Glazed clay pots give you a proper cooking process and better functionality.

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Review of Best Unglazed Clay Posts for cooking in India by Craftsman

Hope you understand the benefits of Clay pots. That’s why took this Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots Combo for your kitchen which is the best unglazed clay pots for cooking.

Craftsman India Online is a wholesaler as well as Retailer of these handcrafted clay pots all over India. They have started this online retail business for benefiting the craftsmen and providing them with a platform across India and help them with maximum profit. Already 200 skilled craftsmen are associated with them from different areas of India.

This Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots Combo comes in 3 different sizes of pots. The first one is a 3-litre black clay pot of 1.5 kgs, the second is a 2-litre black clay pot of 1kg, and the third is a 1 Litre black clay pot of 500 grams. These clay pots are approx 3-4 mm thick.

Depending on the number of your family member, you can use any of these black clay pots for making Rice, Dal, Khichdi, Pongal, Curd rice, Briyani, etc. It is ideal for curry and curd making not for any deep frying. You can use any metal spoon during cooking on this Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots.
Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots

These are seasoned clay pots. So that before using these clay pots, you must soak them in a bucket of water for 2 to 3 hrs (completely submerged) first and after that, wash it, then boil some water in it continuously for 15 minutes, then dry it and start using. This Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots are works on the Gas stove and Microwave oven both. This feature makes it the best black clay pots for cooking.

Helping Tips: But do not use it in PREHEATED Microwave. Similarly, if you are using this clay pot on a gas oven then always start cooking from low flame and gradually increase. Never add cold water into a hot earthen utensil.

If you don’t like the burned ash smell which is come from these black clay pots, then simply wash the pot with the papaya leaf without soap. After doing this the smell goes off.

How to Clean Clay Pots after Cooking?

When your cooking is done, that wait for some time to cool down the pot and then soak the clay pot into the water for around 15 minutes to loosen up the residue of any cooked food then sprinkle a generous amount of salt or soda over it and scrub with a soft scrubber. It cleans well and also the bad smell is gone. Then took the clay pot into the direct sunlight or shade for complete drying.

So if you are planning to buy unglazed clay pots for cooking in your kitchen then you can consider this Craftsman India online Pre-Seasoned Black Clay Pots Combo and add it to your kitchen appliances and make healthy food items for your family members. This is perfect for buying the Best Black Clay Pots For Cooking In India 2021, which we found for you.

We hope we have made it a little easier for you to buy the Best Unglazed Clay Pots For Cooking in India 2021.

If we overlooked any information regarding the Best Black Clay Pots for Cooking in India 2021, you could leave your remarks by contacting us.

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