Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021

Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021

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  • A Heavy Cast Iron Dosa Tawa for your home
  • Black coloured Seasoned (ready to use) Dosa Tawa
  • Diameter is 9.5 inches of this Dosa Tawa
  • The thickness of this Dosa Tawa is 9 mm
  • Weight is 2.2 kgs of this Cast Iron Tawa
  • It is Pre-Seasoned Naturally with Gingelly oil
  • No Chemicals used in this Tawa (lead free iron)
  • Flat designed Dosa Tawa is best for spreads heat evenly
  • Works on Gas Stove, Induction cooktops, Electric, Oven, Campfire
  • Pre-Seasoned with 100% vegetable oil
  • Ideal for making Dosa, Roti, frying fish, etc.
  • This Cast Iron Tawa comes with a one year Warranty
  • Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021

Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021

Topic: Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021

Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa | Color: Black

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Hi! looking for Dosa Tawa for cooking Dosa at your kitchen like a hotel or roadside food stall. Then this Dosa Tawa is for you. This is the Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021.

After complete research, we discovered this Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa for you. Buyers who have used this product have left their valuable comments and ratings on Amazon; We chose it based on that.

As you know, Dosa is very popular and a primary dish in South India, and now it is also the most demanded food item in North India too. Making a crispy Dosa is an Art, but without a better Dosa Tawa, it is not possible to do.

An Iron Dosa Tawa is providing heat around the surface of the pan and retain heat for a long time. But before buying a Dosa Tawa, check some factors which we discuss here.

How To Choose Dosa Tawa For Home?

Factor 1: Check the material

Dosa Tawa is available with three types of materials. One is Aluminum, the Second is Cast iron, and the third is Hard anodized aluminium. Except for the first and third materials, Cast Iron is best for making crispy Dosa at home like Hotels. It takes time to heat up but holds the heat for a long time. Cast Iron material iron Tawas are durable and not expensive. If it cleaned as instructed, it could not rust.

It works with less oil to make food and a small amount of Iron add to the food, which is good for your health also.

Mostly Cast Iron Tawa in India comes with Pre-seasoned. This pre-seasoned cast iron Tawa coated with the polymerized oil which provides rust-proof and shines like a non-stick pan. After seasoned it properly, Cast Iron Tawa is turned into Non-stick Tawa automatically without any chemical.

Factor 2: Check the Size

There are lots of sizes available of this cast iron Tawa in the online/ offline market. Dimensions of the cast iron Tawa start from 8 inches (35cm) and go up to 12 inches (20cm). If you are a beginner to make Dosa then go for buying standard size Tawa (9.5 inches), or if you are an expert in making Dosa, then you can buy 12 inches Tawa.

Factor 3: Check the Thickness and Weight

The weight and heat retention depend on the thickness of the pan. 3mm to 5mm thick cast iron Tawa heats up quickly, and it is lightweight too. On the other hand, 6 mm to 9 mm thick iron pans are heavy and heated slowly, which retains heat for a long time and relieves food from burning.

Factor 4: Check the Compatibility

In today’s modern life, most people use Induction stoves due to many reasons. So when you are choosing a cast iron Tawa, check that it works on Induction cooktops too.

Factor 5: Check the Shape

Round shaped Cast Iron Tawa is suitable for making Dosa easily. But in square-shaped Tawa, is a little bit difficult to make Dosa if you are a beginner because you need proper practice to do on it. Also, choose the flat base of the Tawa because it distributes the heat evenly on the Tawa.

Specifications of Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa

Considering the factors mentioned above, we choose this Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa for you. If you are thinking to start making Dosa at your home, then you can go for it. So let’s check the detailed features of this product.

This is 9.5 inches seasoned Bhagya Cast Iron Tawa. The dimension of this cast Iron Tawa is 30.5 x 30.5 x 25.4 centimeters and it quite heavier than the regular Tawa, weight is 2.2 kgs.

Bhagya Cast Iron Dosa Tawa is seasoning with 100% natural Gingelly oil and does not use any chemicals. This is a traditional way of making the cast iron Tawa; it brings you back to your roots.

It is designed to use this Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa regularly, and it is ideal for making Roti and fry fish in it as well.

9 mm thick Cast Iron Dosa Tawa is not so light that it heats up quickly and can burn your food and is not so heavy that it takes time to heats up and cannot be handled easily. It has been designed practically with the right balance.

Increase your iron intake in each of your food. It has no secret that cooking in cast iron increases the iron content of the food. The Iron we have in our body and that protects us from anemia is the same Iron that is in Iron Cookware, just that the % of the Iron in our body is extremely small, and cooking in Cast Iron Cookware gives a constant healthy supply of Iron to our body.

When you get this product at your home and use it the first time, you have to know how to season Cast Iron Tawa?

Best cleaning process of Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Clean the tawa with water and salt, then dry it with a cloth. Apply oil using an onion slice all over the tawa and heat it for a while before putting the dosa batter on the pan, seasoned the entire pan with oil using an onion slice, this oil makes the pan no sticky.

For any queries regarding this product, then you can call Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Customer Care: +91 73958 08855.

So you can consider this Bhagya Cast Iron Seasoned Dosa Tawa as the Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021 and be a part of the satisfied customer on Amazon.

If we overlooked any information regarding the Best Dosa Tawa in India, you could leave your remarks by contacting us.

We hope we have made it a little easier for you to choose the Best Dosa Tawa For Home In India 2021.


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