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  • Kuchina Turbo DLX is 60 cm Wall mounted chimney
  • Easily fits for 2 to 4 Burner stove
  • It has the Inbuilt Auto clean function
  • No Filter (filter-less) inside the chimney
  • This chimney has Power saving LED lights
  • It has a powerful suction facility for a high capacity motor
  • The Motor of this chimney made with 100% Copper
  • It gives you the maximum airflow of 1400+50 M³/hr
  • It builds with no noise technology for enjoying the peaceful cooking
  • Robust touch control gives you simple access to your chimney
  • No noise during auto clean
  • This kitchen chimney comes with a Lifetime warranty
  • Best Auto Clean Chimney For Indian Kitchen 2021


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Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen in 2021

Topic: Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen in 2021

Kutchina Kitchen Chimney Turbo DLX 60 cm a chimni for Kitchen autoclean Function and a Chimney with 60 cm autoclean Technology with 1400 Suction Capacity Best Suited as Kitchen Chimney for HOM
  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys) Wall...
  • Key Features: Intelligent Autoclean, Filterless, Power saving...
  • Function: This chimney comes with an inbuilt auto clean...
  • 100 % copper winding motor for longer durability of chimney
  • FOR INSTALLATION Please register at 18004197333;Warranty &...

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Best Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney in India 2021

Hi! are you looking for the Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen in 2021? Then you can choose the Kuchina which is the best auto clean chimney brand in India. Its Turbo DLX 60 model comes with a full-touch control facility. This auto clean chimney is a perfect solution for cleaning the airborne grease, it gives you a powerful air suction option with noiseless.

In the modular Indian kitchen, there should install the modern auto clean kitchen chimney. Indian people regularly do frying, grilling using a lot of oil and masalas in their kitchen. Especially, when you cook “Tadka“, it leaves more oily gases and moistures. As a result, airborne grease that extracts from your cooking shows in your kitchen tiles and ceiling.

Keeping in mind that, you need an intelligent auto clean kitchen chimney that heals your kitchen’s oily gases, moistures, odour, fumes, steam, and heat. It keeps your kitchen clean and oil-free during cooking. This type of electric kitchen chimney is also known as exhaust hood, cooker hood, extractor hood, etc.

In present days, the auto clean chimney comes with a modern exhaust fan that cleans the oily gases intelligently and it is made with a powerful motor, not the traditional exhaust fan that was previously used in the auto clean kitchen chimney. It hangs on the top of your stove, and it automatically cleans all kinds of gases and other gases which are released from the stove and the outside environment.

A big benefit of using an auto-clean chimney is that it protects your tiles, granites, marble, wooden furniture in the kitchen and your home.  Also, it protects Sneezing during cooking, removes excess heat, keeps the air clean, has better kitchen lighting, and most important is it keeps your kitchen clean and good looking.

There are two types of chimneys are available in the market, one is Traditional and another is Designer.

Traditional Kitchen Chimney gives you performance, not the design. On the other hand,

Designer Kitchen Chimney gives you a design with a performance both.

Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen

Today’s modular Kitchen Chimney comes with three different types of Filters. These three filters are categorized depending on the material and construction. First is Mesh Filter or Cassette Filters, it is mostly used filter in all types of kitchen chimney brands. It helps you to remove oil particles, smoke, carbon, water vapour, and bad odours that are ejecting during cooking.

The second is the Baffle filter, its ‘cut and chop’ technique separates the oil and food particles from the smoke. The third is the Charcoal filter, it helps you to clean the cooking smells and protects you from coughing, sneezing, and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat during cooking.

Also, there are four types of chimneys available in the market. One is Wall-mounted, the Second is an Island, the Third is Straight-line and the fourth is Built-in.

A wall-mounted kitchen smoke extractor is commonly used in the domestic kitchen. This type of chimney is mounted on the wall and fits it on the top of your kitchen stove.

An Island kitchen smoke extractor is installed on the ceiling and hang freely on your cooktop. This type of chimney is perfect if your kitchen is designed by the western type.

A straight-line kitchen smoke extractor is a conventional kitchen chimney. There are two variants available, one is ducted and another is ductless.

A Built-in kitchen smoke extractor is mostly hidden from the view and it is integrated into the cabinetry above the cooktop.

So stop aging your home and home appliances from your kitchen’s oily gases. That’s why we recommend you choose the best chimney for Indian kitchen in terms of features and money.

Kutchina Chimney Review- Best Auto Clean Chimney Brand in India

The Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 is a wall-mounted auto clean chimney that easily fits over the 2 to 4 burner stove, and the size of this kitchen chimney is 60 x 50 x 60 cm. It also comes with a without filter option that means it is filter-less. It has an amazing feature of collecting cooking oils by giving you an oil collector option.

It comes with an i-Auto clean chimney powered by AI, understands new-age consumers, here is an intelligent system that understands not only the cooking style but also time constraints, The I-Auto clean chimney, therefore, sets self-cleaning schedules as per cooking frequency and duration and cleans itself without the touch of the button.

This chimney also has Power Saving LED that gives you a hassle-free cooking experience. The Power Saving LED lamp, designed to grant ease while cooking.Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen 2021

This chimney has the highest suction capacity based on Intelligent technology. This Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 is the best kitchen chimney in India, enhancing your kitchen Aesthetics. The actual suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 ± 50m³/Hr. Its powerful suction capacity keeps your kitchen clean and less uproarious. Also helps you low on upkeep and keep vitality effectively.

The Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 comes with a 100% copper winding motor made with Alloy and Metal to deliver your chimney a longer life.

You can access all the highlights of this Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 with Touch Control. You can also clean this chimney with this touch control noiselessly and easily.

Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 is considered one of the best auto clean chimney brands in india from all sides. It has a sturdy 100% copper winding motor that inhales all your kitchen smoke with a maximum airflow capacity of 1400+50 M³/hr.

This Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 comes with a Lifetime warranty and the installation facility option. You just call Kuchina care number 1800 419 7333 to install a chimney in your kitchen, or you can contact them by email-

So this elegant design Kuchina Turbo DLX 60 would be the Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen in 2021 for your kitchen. Now you can also transform the look and improve the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Now you can also be a part of the Amazon family and enjoy your cooking smokelessly and noiselessly. And there is no fear of your kitchen being oiled.

If we overlooked any information regarding the Best Chimney for Indian Kitchen, you can simply leave your remarks by contacting us.

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