What are the best selling dry iron brands in India?

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Jhunu Malakar asked 2 years ago

Are you looking for the best selling dry iron brands in India? We already make an article on the best Dry iron in India, we have already discussed the details on dry iron and the buying guide if you didn’t look at that article then check out that. Furthermore, we give you a list that is best selling dry iron brands in India.

1. Best selling dry iron brands by USHA

Usha- Best selling dry iron brands in India

It’s a very lightweight iron and the sole-plate of this dry iron is coated with the non-stick PTFE. You will not feel hot on the body during ironing despite it being made of plastic. This Usha EI 1602 iron has the thermostat feature that controls the accurate temperature.

It consumes 1000 watts of power and the operating voltage is 240 volts. Automatically shut off when it reaches the desired heat as per the level, indicator light indicates that also.

Most important is that clean the soleplate is pretty easy at home. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product. You can consider this USHA EI 1602 being the best-selling Dry iron brand in the Indian range.
The bad side of this Usha EI 1602 is that it is not suitable to iron on Jeans pants.

2. Bajaj– Best Selling Dry Iron Brands in India

Bajaj DX 7Bajaj is the most popular and trusted brand in India. Almost all the features of this iron box are the same as above mention iron box but some features of this Bajaj DX7 make this iron box different.

It can easily remove the tough crease and folds from your clothes. Its 360-degree swivel cord and 2 years of warranty make it different from other models of dry iron under 800 Rs. price range.

Easily control the temperature in accordance with fabric. Nylon, polyester, silk, wool, cotton, linen, etc. by using the adjustable knob.

The Sole-plate of this Bajaj DX 7 is made of golden color non-stick and it’s also lightweight. Auto shut off handled by the thermos system of this Bajaj DX 7 and it reflects on the integrator. The power consumption is 1000 Watts. Also, consider this Bajaj DX 7 is to be the best dry iron brand in India range.